Why feed raw dog food?

Why feed raw dog food?

Dogs are a huge part of out lives; we class them as family right?! Here you will learn why we recommend feeding a fresh food diet and the huge health benefits it has for your dog.

Our dogs have been domesticated over thousands of years but their digestive systems have stayed the same as their ancestors. The stomach acid in the dogs gut has a very low PH level, making it very acidic. This is the perfect environment for digesting raw meat, bone and offal. Having a healthy gut is very important, microbiome (bacteria) mainly lives inside you’re dogs gut and it helps with key functions in the body such as, protecting them against pathogens, working as a critical part of their immune system & improving their mood. Feeding fresh food and not processed is the best way to keep your dog’s gut healthy and happy.

Dogs are carnivores, the easiest way for us to see this is by looking in their mouth. They have strong jaws and sharp teeth designed for slicing meat and chewing bones. Their jaws move vertically enabling them to cut large chunks of meat with ease.

Feeding a raw food diet will improve your dog’s digestion as this is what their bodies are designed to digest, you will often hear raw feeding being called a species appropriate diet. Alongside this their stools will become a lot smaller, firmer and less frequent than if you were feeding a kibble based diet. More nutrients are absorbed when eating a raw diet instead of a processed one.

You will notice an improvement in your dogs skin and coat when feeding raw dog food as the natural oils will be absorbed much easier. Artificial additives that are found in kibble can be linked to behavioural problems in our dogs. Next i would like to add a little about hoe kibble is made and why it isn’t an appropriate diet for our dogs.

How is dry food/kibble is made?

Dry dog food is made by a process called the extrusion method. The extrusion method is where all the ingredients are heated as extremely high temperatures (around 200 degrees) and not just once… twice!!! Heating the ingredients at such high temperatures means that lots of essential nutrients are lost. Dry food can also have ingredients such as rice and maize which dogs just simply cannot digest. The protein source can be low quality, with some companies even using feathers!! With some dry food containing as little as 4% meat and animal derivatives, just a totally shocking diet for a member of our family!!!

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