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Feed between 35ml to 50ml per day, once defrosted keep refigerated and discard within 7 days.
Either mix into your pet’s feed, or feed straight off a spoon.

Complementary feed for cats and dogs.

Why Kefir Cheese & what’s good about it?

* It’s packed full of probiotics & friendly Yeast cultures.

* Dogs LOVE cheese & you guys love to give it to them.

*It’s a great alternative to use instead of highly processed Cheese.

* The Herby Cheese has been made with some great herbs.

Ingredients: 93% soft kefir cheese derived from organic cows milk kefir, 7% fresh herb mix (oregano, basil, thyme)

Analysis: Protein 5.6, Fibre 1.2, Moisture 79.9, Ash 0.5, total oil (oil b) 7.89


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