Fetched Slicker Brush Medium Bristle Purple


Slicker Brush

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Regular brushing removes dead hairs and dirt from your dog’s coat, removes tangles & prevents matting, promoting healthy growth & distribution of natural oils, keeping their skin and coat super healthy!

Suitable for all coat types- perfect for thicker, curly and coarse coats- Short to medium length.

• Adds volume/ Fluffiness and aids styling.
• Removes knots and prevents matting.
• Angled pins detangle coats right at the root.
• Removes dead hair and catches it for easy disposal
• Curved wooden handle fits comfortably in hand.
• Rounded ball ends prevent scratching of the skin resulting in a comfortable brush for your dog.
• Different length flexi pin bristles help eliminate knots close to the skin without pulling.
• Hard back pad helps to create a firm but comfortable brush without pulling.

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