Injoya Bubble Gum Snuffle Mat


  • Machine washable
  • Non slip base
  • Slow feeding
  • Stimulates sense
  • Mental enrichment

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Stimulate Senses: Snuffle mats are not just another adorable toy your pet will enjoy playing with – a snuffle mat will stimulate your pet’s mind and senses, reduce stress

Slow Feeding: If your dog tends to gobble up all their treats in a matter of seconds, pour out their treats on a snuffle mat, as it will force them to slow down as they’ll have to forage.

Mental Enrichment: An important part of canine enrichment is making sure their senses and brain stay sharp. Snuffle toys and mats are an ideal way to do just that.

No-slip backing and machine washable. Perfect for all breeds.



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Weight 0.316 kg
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 13 cm




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