Life Of Riley DIY Doggy Ice Cream Kit – Blueberry


A DIY make at home doggy ice cream! Grain, salt $ sugar free. Tummy friendly, packed with prebiotics, antioxidants and nutrients.

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Dairy free & plant based
Natural & nutritious
Grain free
Sugar & salt free!
Tummy friendly, packed with prebiotics, antioxidants and nutrients!
Takes a long time to melt, unlike diary ice cream so will keep them entertained for alot longer!

All you need to do is add 200ml of water, mix and freeze!

You can either freeze into ice cube trays / moulds for smaller snacks or into kongs for enrichment exercise, it can also be frozen into the tub itself where it can be enjoyed from too – and of course add any additions you like – be creative!

The mix itself has a 12 month shelf life, once frozen, the ice cream should be used within 1 month but is at it’s best if consumed within 1-2 weeks, this is a dairy & sugar free ice cream so the consistency is slightly different, but less messy!

The mix is safely packed in a home compostable bag within the recycled card ice cream tub!

The mix will make 350ml of ice cream and doesn’t need to be mixed and used all at once.

Ingredients: Organic coconut, tapioca, prebiotic plant fibre & guar gum and then carob or organic raw blueberry powder.

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