Pastel Pooch Boutique XXXLarge Drying Coat Lilac


Pastel Pooch drying coats go beyond luxury and provides a practical way of pampering your pooch. Whether it’s your damp home furniture, wet car seats or a multitude of soggy towels, a Pastel Pooch drying coat is your answer to saving time and trouble after taking your dog for a swim, showering them, or after a wet walk.

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Pastel Pooch Boutique Large Drying Coat Lilac

XXXLarge – Golden Retrivers, German Shepards, Rottweilers, Flat Coat Retrievers, Huskies, Dalmatians.
Back Length – 70-80 CM

A combination of stunning pastel colouring and premium functionality turns wet walks into your favourite day of the week. Our double-layered dog drying coat effortlessly makes wet dog fur dry again.

Your dog will dry off quickly in luxurious comfort as two durable and soft layers pamper your pooch without causing any coat irritation. The comfortable wrap design of this coat will help your dog feel secure, reducing symptoms of anxiety and keeping your pooch calm.

No matter if your dog is chubby or trim, adjustable Velcro stomach straps and comfortable stretch elastic leg straps give this drying coat a personalised fit to suit your pet!

Our drying coat comes in a unique range of stunning pastel colours that complement your dog’s coat. You can even use the cosy turtleneck design as an adorable pastel hood!

More than just a dog towel robe, at Pastel Pooch, you can use our XS to XXXL robe range to keep your dog cool during warm weather – just run under cold water. Simply submerge our coats in cold water, wring out the excess and pop onto your dog. As the cold water evaporates, this draws heat away from your dogs body reducing their body temperature.

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Dimensions 45 × 5 × 32 cm


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