Proflax Bottoms Up 350G


  • Anal gland support.
  • High in soluble fibre.
  • Supports immune health.

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Anal gland problems can cause distress and upset for your dog, plus the need for regular vet visits to empty them. Common symptoms of blocked anal glands are scooting and biting or licking the bottom. Sometimes the glands can become blocked or impacted which can lead to infection or abscesses which are extremely painful.

Bottoms Up is a 100% natural digestive supplement that contains ingredients which are high in soluble fibre to support optimal anal gland function. Formulated by a holistic vet, this blend contains psyllium husk, dandelion root, marshmallow root, ground linseed, probiotics and natural clays. These ingredients are also excellent at supporting your dogs immune and digestive systems, which are crucial for anal gland health.

Ideal for dogs who have anal gland problems or require more soluble fibre in their diet. Suitable for all breeds of dogs and puppies over 12 weeks of age.

Key benefits:

Probiotic to support optimal digestion & immune function
Additional prebiotic support
Supports immune health
High in soluble fibre
Cleanses the digestive tract.

Ingredients –> 100% natural powder formula.

Feeding Guidelines –> Add to raw, wet or dry food (mix with a little water for dry food). Feed as required.

Bottoms Up can be fed alongside any of the Proflax oil based products. Feed powder and oil products in separate meals, if fed daily.

Not recommended for pregnant/nursing dogs or puppies under the age of 12 weeks old. Not to be used if your dog is sensitive/allergic to any of the ingredients listed in this product. Check with your vet if your dog has any underlying condition or is taking medication before feeding Proflax supplements.

Feeding amount in ml** per kg of dogs weight;

Miniature dogs up to 5kg: 5ml (quarter of a scoop)
Small dogs 5-10kg: 10ml (half a scoop)
Medium dogs 10-25kg: 20ml (one scoop)
Large dogs 25-40kg: 30ml (one and a half scoops)
Giant dogs over 40kg: 40ml (two scoops)

Store in a cool, dark, moisture free place.

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