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Most dogs will gulp or swallow their meal in seconds as they would in nature as a pack animal. The difference is that there is no pack so the dog just gulps the food down in seconds alone. The gulping can create serious medical problems from bloat to twisted bowel.

Most slow feeders work by putting obstructions or maze like structures to make it difficult for the dog to get to the food. The dog actually has to chase the food around the bowl to get to eat. This can be extremely frustrating to the dog and can cause stress and anxiety in the animal.

SloDog is a unique approach to slow feeding or anti gulping. By changing from a bowl to a plate a much bigger surface area is available to the feeding dog. All food is in plain sight and does not have to be chased so avoiding frustration. This is a device that splits the meal into multi mini meals by spreading the measure into lots of small shallow pockets. The dog simply eats one mini meal at a time.

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